A Collection of Naturally Dyed Wool Yarn


Textile designer

Anna Vasko



10250 Fagervik


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webshop: Vanja Sea


Artisaani, Helsinki

Gröna huset, Tammisaari

Ilo Yarn, Salo

Käsityö Elisa, Turku

Lankakauppa Snurre, Helsinki

Lankakauppa TitiTyy, Jyväskylä

Pikkukylän Puoti, Uusikaupunki

Maschenwunder, Hamburg, Germany

Neulovilla, Viiala

Somikki, Oulu

Tupapuoti, Fiskars

Vanja Sea, Fiskars

Ylivieskan kotikutomo, Ylivieska

All the dyestuffs I use are ecologically and ethically produced extracts, and most of them have an eco certification


About Me

As a textile designer and lecturer, I take matters of sustainable development and environment very seriously. I want to be able to provide a non-toxic and safe textile materials to the public. A material from which I know every step of the production process.

I have a long history with dyeing and printing fabrics. I became convinced about the need for natural options after becoming oversensitive to certain synthetic chemicals myself.


Ecological textile production

The textile industry is responsible for 20 % of harmful pollutants released in to the environment. These pollutants directly effect climate change. Also the ethical problems in the production are generally known. It seems unavoidable to make an effort, even small steps have meaning. We need those small steps to prove that change and new solutions are possible.

I work in direct contact with a french company that produces natural dye concentrates. They provide me with long term experience and information I can trust. I aim to be open and transparent in every step of production. If you would like to find out more, see my BA Thesis that was the basis for my collection. (In finnish language but, with a resumé in english) Theseus

The dyeing of the yarns is either made by my by hand, or by a commercial dyeing facility.


In addition to dyeing services I also provide workshops and courses in natural dyeing, and work as a dyestuff retailer. I actively follow the international research and the latest developments concerning natural dyes. I am happy to see, that there are more and more interesting possibilities opening up in this area. I’d be happy to share my knowledge and provide design services as well as courses about dyeing and printing with natural dyes. I am also available as a speaker for groups of interest. Feel free to contact me.