A Collection of Naturally Dyed Wool Yarn

The naturally dyed yarn club

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Naturally dyed yarn made of 100 % finnish combed quality wool.

The fiber is (mainly) Finnsheep wool, which has many natural shades. The original color of the fiber combined with natural dyes create a deep beautiful color scheme. Naturally dyed Finnsheep wool comes is skeins of approx. 100 g. There are two yarn weights available:

Worsted weight, suitable for hand knitters

110x4 tex, 210 m/100 g

Knitting needle (metric) 3-4 mm


Sport weight also suitable for machine knitting

90x3 tex, 360 m/100 g

Knitting needle (metric) 2-2,5 mm


There is a collection of 20 colors in stock. Dyeing can also be made by order. I have hundreds of colors available in my archives.


Multi colored yarns

In addition to my collection of single color yarns, I also dye special multicolor yarns by hand. The yarns are named according to different themes that inspire me, in finnish. The results vary quite a lot from batch to batch, so every skein is unique and individual.

A selection of embroidery yarns (delivered in a box)

12 pieces of mini skeins packed in a lovely box. The colors can be selected individually. A good choice if you only need small amounts of yarn for crafts, embroidery, band weaving etc. One skein holds about 40 meters of yarn. The yarn is the thinner weight quality.



Washing and taking care of your yarn

Natural dyes are sensitive to changes in pH. Strong alkaline detergents may alter the color of the yarn. So naturally we recommend a neutral laundry detergent, such as Ecover.

Dyeing with natural colors is a slow and time consuming process. It takes time for the color to set on the fiber and yarn. This may result in some color leakage from the yarn in the first few washes. This will not however stain other textiles, since there is no mordant present in the washing.

Finnsheep wool

The combed wool yarn that I dye, is spun in Pirtin Kehräämö. Fibers from Finnsheep wool are as soft as merino. (If there is some wool blended in the yarn, it comes from crossbreed sheeps. The amount of crossbreed wool does not exceed 30%. Wool from meat production sheeps is not used, since the fibers are not suitable for combed yarn) The many natural colors of the Finnsheep wool create the base for the Aurinkokehrä color scheme. Unprocessed wool yarn requires gentle washing to avoid felting. Store the yarn protected from direct sunlight. Also make sure that the yarn in not in an airtight place such as a plastic bag. If needed, protect the yarn from moths and other vermin with red cedar oil or pieces or actual red cedar wood.