Naturally dyed yarn club – Join the inner circle!

We offer you a membership in Aurinkokehrä yarn club

A welcome package will be sent to your address when you join, then three more packages will be sent during the year. You will be the first to know about special editions of naturally dyed yarns and have a chance to work with them. Note that the pictures presented here are illustrations, but the package will be presented to you in forehand in an included newsletter.

Deep natural shades

The packages will be of different locally produced wool qualities, in beautiful natural shades. The matching coloured yarns are all dyed with natural dyes: Deep reds with Lac and cochineal, Blue Indigo, yellows and greens with weld and warm reds and brown with madder. Some specialities, like colourful yarns, gradients etc. will be included.

What is included?

The package is worth its price and more: 300 – 600g yarns per package, extras and knit patterns designed for these yarns. About 1,5 kg per year. And the shipping is included! Packages will be sent in the spring , summer and fall. You will receive a newsletter one month in advance.

Support the growth of Aurinkokehrä

By ordering the one year membership you will support and be part of the creation and development of the Aurinkokehrä brand. My goal is to make the sustainable quality of finnsheep wool, and other interesting local qualities of yarns, widely available. We work with local producers and you can follow the transparent production chain from farm to dyer to you. I will tell you the story and keep you updated on the new developments, also your feedback is valuable to me.

Worldwide shipping, same price

We will ship worldwide! To give you all equal benefits the price is the same everywhere. In the EU it includes taxes, and to compensate for higher shipping costs the price stays the same also for non-EU orders.  

Act now – limited availability

Due to limited but growing dyeing capacity, we can only offer 40 memberships of the Club at this time. Secure your membership by joining today and receive all the soft and natural benefits of the Club! There is also two options for payment in smaller parts, on order by email:

1. Payment by package, four times a year, € 100,- The first being the welcome package, membership and order of the club newsletter.

2. Monthly subscription of € 35,-

Club membership: 350 € / year
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