Aurinkokehrä naturally dyed yarn is made of 100% Finnish worsted wool.

The material is mainly pure Finnsheep wool, where the beautiful natural shades of the wool complete and give depth to the hues of the natural dyes. Worsted wool is exceptionally soft because,the shortest fibers are removed by combing and the remaining log fibers are combed in paralell direction.

The naturally dyed wool yarn is available in three different weights:

  • DK weight, suitable for knitting: 110 x 4 tex, 210m / 100g (needles 3-4),

  • Fingering, suitable for example to make shawls , gloves etc. and even good for machine knitting: 90 x 3 tex, 360m / 100g (needles 2 – 2,5)

  • Laceweight  is sold in 50 g skeins: 90 x 1 tex, 540 m / 50 g (use any needles you like…!).


The dyes are 100% natural, you can read more about them here.

There are 20 shades in the colour chart now, but special batches are available eve on order. My recipe bank contains hundreds of shades. The chart only normative, as with natural dyes the variation between crops can be remarkable. Each dyed batch is different. With hand-dyeing even the single coloured yarns get a beautiful vivid surface.


Multicolour yarns

On top of single-colour yarns we produce hand-dyed variegated yarns in small batches. The yarns are named by theme, but the colours can change between dye batches quite a lot, so each skein is unique. Available in fingering and laceweight.

A sortiment of embroidery yarns in a box

12 small skeins of approximately 10 g are packed in a box for craft projects, embroidery or maybe belt weaving. The skeins contain about 40m yarn. Available in fingering weight and in the new 2-ply yarn.



  • Gula huset, Tammisaari
  • Ilo Yarns, Turku
  • Lankakauppa TitiTyy, Jyväskylä
  • Pikkukylän Puoti, Uusikaupunki
  • Neulovilla, Viiala
  • Kässäpuoti, Hämeenkyrö
  • Vaudevilla, Lohja
  • Ylivieskan kotikutomo,Ylivieska
  • Robygge, Järna, Sweden
  • Litet Nystan, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Midwinteryarns, Great Britain
  • Les Tricoteurs Volants, Paris, France
  • Laine ds Iles, France
  • Maschenwunder, Hamburg, Germany
  • Nordmeerwolle, Germany
  • Severské Vlnení, Czeck


Finnsheep wool

The worsted wool yarn, is spun in Pirtin Kehräämö, mainly from  soft Finnsheep wool. If there might be some other wool blended in the yarn this comes from crossbreed sheep, but the amount does not exceed 30%. Wool from meat production sheeps is not used, since the fibers are not suitable for fine combed yarn.  The many natural colors of the Finnsheep wool create the base for the Aurinkokehrä color scheme.

Unprocessed wool yarn requires gentle washing to avoid felting. Store the yarn airily, protected from direct sunlight and protect the yarn naturally from moths and other vermin with red cedar oil or pieces or actual red cedar wood.

Washing and taking care of your yarn

Natural dyes are sensitive to changes in pH and strong alkaline detergents may alter the color of the yarn. So naturally we recommend a neutral laundry detergent, such as Ecover.

Dyeing with natural colors is a slow and time consuming process and it takes time for the color to set on the fiber and yarn. This may result in some color leaking from the yarn in the first few washes. However, this will not stain other textiles, since there is no mordant present in the washing.

Wool rejects dirt naturally and does not catch odours, so it seldom needs washing. You can clean your woolen textiles by airing them regularly.