The naturally dyed wool yarn is available in four different weights. The colour swatches are guidelines, noticeable variation in nuances will occur between batches dyed with natural dyes.

Single-colour, DK-weight yarn

Suitable for knitting: 110 x 4 tex, 210m / 100g skein (needles 3-5). Price: 24 € per skein.

Single-colour, fingering yarn

Suitable to make cardigans, shawls , hats, gloves etc. And even good for machine knitting:
90 x 3 tex, 360m / 100g skein (needles 2 – 4)

Multicolour, Laceweight and fingering yarn

Fingering weight 360m/100g, 90*3tex. Laceweight 540m/50g, 90*1tex
These yarns are always hand-dyed on skeins, making short regular changes in colors. When working with the yarn, it will give you a regular variagated pattern, depending on the size of your creation. The shades have recipes and are named inspired by the finnish nature, but visible variation between batches will occur

Single-colour, laceweight yarn

Laceweight is sold in +50 g balls (single colour) 90 x 1 tex, 600 / 50g (use any needles you like…!). Very nice, light result doubled with big needles.

Single-colour, two-ply yarn

Suitable for weaving, crochet, embroidery, machineknitting:
90 x 2 tex, sold in cones of ca. 1000m / 180 g (needles 2-2,5)

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We offer you a membership in a quarterly yarn club. A package will be sent to your address every third month, containing special editions of naturally dyed yarns, according to a seasonal theme. Note that the pictures presented here are illustrations, so be prepared for nice surprizes!